Prime Minister at SHTA Hurricane Preparedness Conference

"It is important that that the wider community, and in this respect every business person on St. Maarten, plays a role in Hurricane Preparedness"

The Prime Minister of St. Maarten the Honorable Sarah Wescot-Williams opened the SHTA Hurricane Preparedness Seminar at the Carl’s Unique Inn Conference Center on Thursday where she emphasized the need for the wider community to not become complacent and to remain vigilant for the 2013 Hurricane Season.



"It has been quite some years already since the last Hurricane struck St. Maarten and in fact the ones that we remember most are Hurricanes Luis in 1995 and Hurricane Lenny in 1999. The danger is always present that we become complacent, that we let our guards down with regards to what has to be in place for the passing of a storm. Every year as June 1st comes around we look and we listen to the predictions that are made and are changed as the Hurricane Season Progresses. However it is equally important that we also take time out to stand still and reflect on where we are, what it is that we are doing, and as the cliché goes to make sure that our plans are in order because indeed it only takes one. It is for this reason that I commend this initiative," commented the PM.

The Prime Minister also highlighted that Government has plans that ensure that the various public and non-public stakeholders have a solid Hurricane Strategy in place going into the Hurricane Season. "It is equally important that as we do what we must to ensure proper planning as Government, that the wider community and in this respect every business person on St. Maarten plays a role starting with their own businesses, encouraging both employees and residents to be prepared and cooperating with all partners.

"We need to remind ourselves that we are in the Hurricane Belt and that a storm can happen at anytime during the season. Of course we pray that nothing does, that St. Maarten is spared from any national disaster, however preparedness is key. The Office of Disaster Management has come a long way in being as prepared as possible for the passing of a storm, however we still have a long way to go and we can never, ever let our guards down," concluded the PM.