Prime Minister Attends 2013 Lions Students Excellence Awards

Don’t be afraid to strive towards excellence

The Prime Minister of St. Maarten the Honorable Sarah Wescot-Williams honored students of various schools who excelled in their academic career at the 2013 Lions Students Excellence Awards on Thursday Evening. During her message to those present the Prime Minister congratulated the Lions Club on keeping up the tradition of singling out students who excelled in their academics.


I would like to thank the Lions Club for showing this appreciation to the student of St. Maarten for the hard work that they have been doing. I would also of course like to congratulate the parents, family and friends for coming out to support the young recipients of the awards. To the students I would like to say that I hope with this recognition that all of your efforts and hard work has paid off and that you should continue doing the excellent work that you do," commented the Prime Minister.

"It is good to see again these students who not only excel in school but who also excel in various other activities. These students not only excel in education but also outside of that. To the parents I would like to thank you; it is about encouraging your children and I know for many parents it is not easy but I am encouraging you to continue in supporting these excellent role models in meaning so much to this community," emphasized the PM

The Prime Minister continued by telling the students that in today‚Äôs world it is easy to feel like the odd-one. "It is students like yourself which make all of the difference. I know that in todays world you might be sometimes called a nerd or similar names by some of your peers because of your dedication, but I would like to encourage you that you are on the right track and that you should stand up and be what you are and don’t be afraid to strive towards excellence. So stay focused and continue to strive towards excellence," ended the Prime Minister.