Despite Recent Polical Developements, Positive & Negative Outcome In the Midst of the Storm

Within the past few weeks there have been some turbulent developments here at home, in Curacao, Regional and International. 

In Curacao: the Union SITEK’s action on behalf of its member; PS fraction in Parliament dismissing the PS Board motivated by suspicion that the Board since the murder of the Party Leader and MP Mr. H. Wiels being infiltrated by the MFK Party, while the PS President files scandal complaint against the PS fraction.

In St. Maarten: the political upheaval, as a result of political swingers once again, at their whim and personal interest throw down and form governments disregarding the wishes of the people. The WITU threatening Court actions on behalf of its members thereby the possibility that the opening of school year 2013 -2014 is forecasted to be very stormy and turbulent.

The Unions representing teachers, civil servants. police officers and other government workers, again threatening Government to take actions if Government fails to make the cost of living adjustment over the years 2011 and 2012 rejecting Government’s unilateral decision to pay a onetime 50% lump sum.

But in the midst of all of this there have been some very positive and historical developments

In Curacao for the first time in history is recorded in that two women hold the function of Governor, one functioning in the capacity as Governor since the resignation of former Governor Mr . F. Goedgedrag and another female Deputy Governor appointed effective June 1st of this year.

A new female Chief of Police appointed to the Caribbean Netherlands to be stationed in Bonaire. We have seen (not so recent but historical and positive) Tamara Leonard being elected as only the second and I believe youngest female President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In the Netherlands: three St. Martiners Ivy Defoe, Christella Garad and Mathias Voges being awarded the prestigious Dutch Caribbean Pearl Award. Also in the Netherlands the introduction of the Qualichi Faces, a group of women from St. Maarten for women from St. Maarten living in the Netherlands. In the US Ambassador to the UN Suzan Rice’s appointment by President Barack Obama to the Post of National Security Advisor, the first female African-American in that Post. Th.ese are all historical, positive developments which can easily be overshadowed by all the stormy waves of late, especially here at home. We should however relish these moments of great achievements and great achievers and be proud!

As a women’s advocate, I for one am very proud of the women and women groups mentioned above and many more. Iam encouraging women of all ages to aspire to putting more cracks in that proverbial glass ceiling and our young adults presently in school locally and studying abroad to strive for excellence.

In the midst of every storm there is always promise of hope, calm and light. Let us not be caught up in the dark clouds around us but focus on the light.

Patricia Pantophlet