The Saint Martin United Ministerial Foundation (SMUMF) is very much concerned about the current political and governmental upheaval in our nation.

Churches are calling on our politicians, government and parliament to resolve the issues as soon as possible in a peaceful, orderly and professional manner and to uphold and respect the laws of the country. Our people are uncertain, confused and upset about what is going on in government and parliament. Without clarity and a willingness of those concerned, this instability can lead to unnecessary unrest in our nation.

SMUMF therefore is appealing to our leaders to let reason, fairness and integrity prevail and to put the interest for the people and country above all self-interest. We are asking our leaders to conduct themselves properly, orderly and to be transparent and follow the laws of the land.

We believe that the sooner we break the current impasse the better it will be for our people, our government, our parliament and the nation. SMUMF is willing to assist in mediating between parties, if necessary, in order to bring about a solution to the current impasse.

May God bless and protect our beloved country, Sint Maarten!