Permanent TEATT Committee of Parliament to meet Princess Juliana International Airport

The Permanent Committee of Parliament for Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transportation and Telecommunications (TEATT) will be meeting on February 19.

The agenda point for the meeting is the state of affairs at the Princess Juliana International Airport.

The permanent committee meeting will meet on Tuesday, February 19 at 10.00am in the General Assembly Chamber of the House at Wilhelmina Straat #1 in Philipsburg.

The meeting was requested by Independent Member of Parliament (MP) Hon. Frans Richardson who is also Chairman of this permanent parliamentary committee.

The other members of the committee are MP Hon. Dr. Lloyd Richardson, MP Hon. Petrus De Weever, MP Hon. Patrick Illidge, MP Hon. Romain Laville, and MP Hon. Jules James.

Members of the public are always welcome to be present in the General Assembly Chamber during public meetings to follow the parliamentary session scheduled for that particular day.

The House of Parliament is located across from the Court House.

The parliamentary session will be carried live on St. Maarten Cable TV Channel 120, via Pearl Radio FM 98.1, the audio via the Internet, and also via