Governing program can be found on


The Governing Program (GP) is available on the Government Website then going to the "What’s New," tab, scroll down and select the PDF file to print out or save to your computer desktop.


GP is also available on social media, namely Facebook and on a regular basis updates on the projects of the various Ministries will be posted on the GP Facebook Page. The web link for the page is:

This focus of GP is on Education, Infrastructure, District Improvement and Housing, Health Care and Social Welfare, Economy, Environment, and Safety and Security.

The Governing Program "Working for the People," was officially launched on January 16 at the Sonesta Great Bay Beach Hotel in the presence of approximately 100 invited stakeholders from the community, and forms the basis for the governing coalition comprising of the National Alliance (NA), Democratic Party (DP) and three Independent Members of Parliament (I-3) namely Hon. Patrick Illidge, Frans Richardson and Romain Laville.