UP PRESS STATEMENT on National Laws for Screening of Ministers

I support the call for drafting and subsequent approval of national laws towards the screening of ministers. This is a step in the right direction as we continue to move towards firmly establishing our executive and parliamentary ‘footprint ‘as a new ‘country’ within the kingdom of the Netherlands. We are looking forward to receive the draft law proposal during this first term of Parliament, and prior to the next polls are held.


This step should be a mature and non-partisan support towards having this important legislation passed once it reaches the floor of Parliament. Hopefully this can be done before prior to the next appointment of Ministers taking their oath of office.

The Prime Minister has already weighed in on this matter. Currently, an existing law taken over from the former country known as the Netherlands Antilles was adopted and the procedure followed when our Ministers were sworn in back in October 2010.

It is important that we encourage and have integrity at all levels of our public administration including both at the Executive (Council of Ministers) as well as at the Legislative (Parliament) branch.

Gracita Arrindell

United People’s (UP) party

Member of Parliament