President Samuel comments on Queen Beatrix Abdication

On Monday, January 28, 2013, Her Majesty Queen Beatrix announced to the Kingdom of the Netherlands via television and radio broadcast her abdication. His Royal Highness the Prince of Orange is the successor to the throne.

President of Parliament Hon. drs. Rodolphe Samuel on behalf of the Parliament of Sint Maarten, says that Her Majesty Queen Beatrix has served as Queen of all the people in the Kingdom of the Netherlands for almost 33 years, and thanks her for over three decades of service to the people.


"Her Majesty will be remembered by the people of Sint Maarten for her dedication and care for the Dutch Caribbean during her reign, and also as one of the Europe’s longest-serving monarchs.

"Country Sint Maarten will welcome as it has always done members of the Royal Family, and in this case the new King and Queen, a new generation of Royalty who will reign over the Kingdom.

"We are ecstatic to welcome them, and on April 30, 2013, the nation will be following the ceremony as Queen Beatrix eldest son Prince Willem-Alexander will ascend to the throne," President of Parliament Hon. Rodolphe Samuel said on Monday.

Beatrix was crowned Queen on April 30, 1980. Prince Willem-Alexander will become King on April 30, 2013 and Princes Maxima Queen.

Prince Willem-Alexander will be the Netherlands first King since Willem III died in 1890.