Outgoing PSS Directors says goodbye to community and paints the PSS picture

It is important to note that despite my resignation and departure as the Director of PSS that the continuation of the organization is safeguarded and key facts established and presented.

Country within the Dutch Kingdom, St. Maarten, has a Universal Service Obligation (USO) that it has to fulfill, and every citizen is entitled to have access to a postal system.


The universal mission and that of PSS is to provide the general public with trusted, affordable, universal postal service. While other carriers might offer delivery on a universal basis, the Postal Service is still the only carrier obligated to provide all aspects of universal service at affordable prices. That last mile full service obligation makes it very challenging financially, not just for PSS but for most Post Offices throughout the world.

Growth in our local population paired with a sharp increase in the number of delivery points have led to a significant increase in the Postal Service’s fixed costs, while over the last few years; volumes have taken a very visible downward turn.

Recent economic trends account for a good share of that downturn. So, too, does the acceleration of electronic diversion. Increasingly, personal correspondence is sent via the internet, financial statements arrive online, and bills are received and paid electronically. Online alternatives have become more prominent for news publications and advertising, and competition thrives in the package delivery arena locally. While PSS may have a limited statutory monopoly, the reality is that there are alternatives to every piece of mail.

With this key background established, it is fundamentally important against this backdrop that the three (3) statutory bodies that govern the functioning of PSS works effectively and in harmony together to ensure not only that PSS can achieve its defined goals, but also fulfill its universal obligation, successfully. The three bodies, being the Shareholder Representative, the Supervisory Board and the Managing Board always has to put the organization and its needs first, and not make the matter a personal one or allow trivial matters to affect its operations and growth potential. All in all like all other Government owned entities; PSS belongs to the people of St. Maarten.

As such all parties need to be thinking on how to make PSS a better serving and profitable operating company, by being willing to assist it however and wherever way necessary in the short term to ensure its long term survivability, independence and profitability. To ensure the post will be around for years to come, we must be willing to transform the post and differentiate the level of products offered. Crucial decisions will have to be made, and all parties will have to fulfill their prescribed roles, to realize this dream and live to see the day when PSS can not only give back to our local community, but also pay dividends!

As I move on further with my professional career, through this means and on behalf of PSS, I say thank you to the entire community of St. Maarten for supporting your post office throughout, and for your business. As a young Postal Administration we still have ways to go to better improve on our services offered to the community, but step by step PSS will get there. And lastly to my staff that I am leaving behind, I say thank you, much strength and success, and to the yet to be appointed Director also much success and strength as he/she takes over the mantle, continuing to lead PSS team and unit that has a lot of potential that I along with my team was able to establish and put on the world map, cementing yet another corner stone of our young and upcoming country St. Maarten. May the good Lord continue to bless us all.