Concern about impact on St. Maarten Met Services


Even though the Meteorological Department St. Maarten (MDS) as of January 1, 2013, have taken over meteorological services and the issuing of weather forecasts from the Meteorological Department of Curacao (MDC), Curacao’s MDC is still responsible for night time services at MDS as MDS is not operational 24/7.


In addition, MDC during periods in which there are no forecasters on duty in St. Maarten, due to vacation, sickness or other reason, the MDC will provide meteorological services to the country.

I am concerned after reading about a serious manpower shortage since October 2012 at Curacao’s MDC. Approximately eight new employees are needed to make sure the MDC can function properly and carry out its services.

Has Minister Romeo Pantophlet been informed about the challenges faced by Curacao’s MDC? Has there been any impact on services, especially night time services at MDS?

Minister Pantophlet should assure the aviation and maritime sectors that the manpower problems in Curacao with MDC has not impacted our meteorological agency in any fashion or form if this is indeed the case.

Just like me and others, we would like to know what the situation is and if any negative impact at MDS.

Former United Peoples (UP) party Minister responsible for Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transportation and Telecommunications Franklin Meyers