Prime Minister Oversees Signing of Sponsorship Contract Between SCDF and TELEM

The Prime Minister of St. Maarten the Honorable Sarah Wescot-Williams, as shareholder representative of the TELEM Group of Companies, oversaw the signing of the Sponsorship Contract between the St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) and the TELEM Group of Companies at the TELEM Conference Room on Thursday. Representatives from the SCDF, marketing company St. Maarten to the World and TELEM were all present at the signing ceremony.


The Prime Minister commented that she wished to congratulate both parties in reaching the agreement and that she looked forward to some of the local shows which will be sponsored by TELEM. "I sincerely believe in the culture that our Carnival promotes and I am proud to have seen carnival grow from year to year. With this agreement that growth will now continue to happen and we will hopefully see an even better carnival in 2013," commented the Prime Minister.

The PM also commended TELEM in offering its support to the SCDF. "TELEM has not only collaborated with Government through providing means and sponsorship with regards to Carnival, but there are some important events in the pipeline which are of great importance to the community of St. Maarten which are going to be facilitated by Government. It is therefore important that the community supports events sponsored by local businesses such as TELEM so that they can not only continue to support events such as Carnival but can continue to support other local initiatives that they have undertaken with Government and with my Cabinet in particular," continued the PM.

"Congratulations are once again in order and I am sure that optimal use of the opportunities will be made between both the Carnival Development Foundation and TELEM. We look forward to seeing this agreement resulting in an excellent Carnival Season," concluded Prime Minister Wescot-Williams.