President Samuel meets St. Maarten’s Youth Parliament

President of Parliament Hon. Drs. Rodolphe Samuel is allowing the St. Maarten Youth Parliament to meet at the House of Parliament every two weeks. The Youth Parliament had its first meeting on January 11 at the Conference Room in the House of Parliament.


During the first meeting, the President of Parliament Hon. Rodolphe Samuel presented copies of the Constitution of Sint Maarten and the Rules of Order of the House of Parliament to the Youth Members of Parliament (YMPs).

The YMPs received a tour of the facilities and a briefing from parliamentary staff on the functioning of the highest law-making body of the land.

The Youth Parliament will be meeting every two weeks with the next meeting scheduled for Friday, January 25 at 5.00pm. At this meeting, YMPs will present their agenda for the year.

The Youth Parliament is currently recruiting new members. Interested young people between the ages 13-25 can contact program coordinator at 550-8917 or sx*************@ho*****.com for further information. President of Parliament Hon. Rodolphe Samuel also encourages the nation’s young people to jump at this opportunity and become an YMP and get the experience of what it is like to function in a similar manner as a Member of Parliament.