St. Maarten Laboratory Services and local drinking water companies sign contract


Photo Caption: l-r H. Booi-SLS Director, Raymond Peterson-SLS Lab, Minister Cornelius De Weever, and Christopher Ahlip and Timothy Ahlip of Heavenly Water.

Photo  Caption: l-r Dr. Pedro Arrindell of Younique Water, Minister Cornelius De Weever, Hose Booi-SLS Director, Raymond Peterson-SLS Lab and sitting Sidroine Lake and James Carti of Younique Water.

The St. Maarten Laboratory Services (SLS) and two local water distribution companies namely Younique Water & Ice and Heavenly Waters have signed a contract with SLS to have their water tested on a regular basis.

During the signing, Minister of Public Health Social Development & Labor, Cornelius De Weever mentioned that this says a lot about these two companies as they have the lab behind them. "This is great for the marketing of your water and it is good that you both have taken the initiative to have your drinking water up to standards, and for this I want to congratulate you," said Minister De Weever.

Raymond Peterson of SLS mentioned that the lab uses the standards of the World Health Organization and the NAN standards of the Netherlands, which ensures that the water is up to standard for drinking. "Once the water is tested we send the report to the Inspectorate of Public Health for further handling," said Peterson.

Minister De Weever further stated that this is the year of water, as government is looking into regulating the testing of water from the wells, and imported bottled water will be tested.