New Executive Board for 2013 presented by Chamber of Commerce on Friday.

The St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce on Friday introduced their Executive Board and spoke of plans for the year 2013.

New elected President Ms. Tamara Leonard , Vice President Mr.Hubert Pantophlet and Treasurer Sidharth "Cookie" Bijlani. The members of the board are Past President Arthur Bute, Past Vice President Ludwig Ouenniche and members Charlise Philips, Abdul Meyers, Ajay Rawtani and Stanley Lint.

Thanking the board for placing confidence in her, Leonard told reporters at a press conference on Friday that the new board will be working in the best interest of the community.


Ms.Leonard stated that the new board will be working on behalf of the community on their best interest they will also continue projects started by the former board and see that these projects have been finalized. The projects include the public and private partnership which began two years ago and hopes that this will be up and running during the early part of this year.

Their will also be upgrading of the Chamber, the redesigning of the website, training and development and the rebranding of the chamber as other initiatives that the new board will embark on. The Chamber wants to reach out to the business community to have a bigger input in the functioning of the chamber. Thier goal is to reintroduce Chambers to the community.

Chamber wants to focus more on training and development. By hosting regional conferences and events for businesses to get more insight and get an opportunity to uplift their businesses and network.

Vice President Hubert Pantophlet said there will a cchange in the chamber where they will be shifting with older members and making room for younger business persons. He said he had been happy to have a female serve as president and another promising female as board member.