MP Douglass says Parliamentarians can make Provisions in the Law to Regulate Prostitution.


Prostitution is the oldest profession in the World.

No one should be surprised that the Dutch liberal legal system allows for it. St. Maarten is no different than any of the other members in the Dutch Kingdom. If a laws in the Netherlands allows for prostitution wide spread and open, then guest what we are stuck with it. We could object loudly in Parliament as Members and citizens, but we only can make provisions in the law to make sure that it does not become a major health issue on this Island where we have open borders. We receive over two million visitors annually.


Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) is already a serious problem on this Island. As a doctor I have to deal with it at an alarming rate in my practice. The thought that now men and women could be in un-regulated environments like their own homes, with licenses to operate personal brothels is scary to say the least. This would be a haven for communicable diseases, HIV/AIDS still does not have a cure it can be managed with daily cocktails of pills once diagnosed and prescriptions prescribed. STI like HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) can result in cervical cancer that can end a woman’s life. The male sex partner can be a carrier and not know it; he can therefore have sex with a sex worker, catch it and then spread it to the next unsuspecting partners. STD, like herpes, can be easily spread from partner to partner. Currently prostitutes working in licensed businesses are tested, but not regularly enough, in my view. But at least it is done and can slowdown the spreading of STDs and STIs. The health agencies can barely deal with it now. So opening the doors to have any and every – want to be money making sex service provider- can be a dangerous thing. We in the health profession are not prepared to deal with what can happen here.

The Minister of Justice has a nonchalant attitude about it, which is no surprise. If it is legal then he does not have to arrest anyone operating with licenses. It is not his concern if an island wide epidemic of STD’s and STI’s erupts. He will not have the headaches the medical professional will have. The laws can be amended and should have amendments with provision for standardized testing for every licensed sex professionals to comply with. Currently condoms are not used enough, because many believe it is "not as pleasurable." Therefore we are asking for more trouble than we currently have. Female condoms are seldom used, and male condoms are used sparingly. Just picture in a competitive environment where two sex professionals live next to each other wanting your business. I can see it now a sign in the windows "NO Condom needed here. " Or "Oral sex is the standard foreplay practice here," I may be giving them ideas but if you think about the price that will we paid in this society then it is a scary to say the least.

I will be drafting a motion listing my concerns and bring it to the floor of Parliament for a vigorous debate, where I will invite the Health Minister and the Justice Minister to join in on the discussion maybe even the Prime Minister. I will assume as she is a woman she will also have something to say on this issue.

Dr. Ruth Douglass, United People’s (UP) Party, Member of Parliament