Prime Minister Reiterates Importance of Public Service Center

With the New Public Service Center in Simpson Bay we answer people’s cry for Government Services in the Districts

The Prime Minister of St. Maarten the Honorable Sarah Wescot-Williams further outlined Government’s Plans to increase the service of Government in the Various Districts. "In 2010 a project plan was approved to implement the new Public Service Center (PSC). The goal of the project was to set up a PSC where all public services, government information and government products would be delivered in a client oriented fashion, based on an integrated approach. In this manner public service delivery would take place more efficiently," stated the Prime Minister.


The Governing Program of St. Maarten, launched last Wednesday, states that in 2011 a GAP analysis was executed to analyze the gap between the initial goals, mission and vision as presented in the project plan and the actual situation at all government counters and institutions. It was decided that the PSC vision needed to provide public services from different locations, operating as one department. It was then decided to establish a first PSC in the Simpson Bay area. This new PSC in Simpson Bay will be the pilot project for all other PSC’s, such as the PSC in the new Government Administration Building. All technical, ICT, organizational and process redesign solutions will be installed and tested at the new location for the purpose of improving public service quality. These activities will start the continuous improvement of public services and will facilitate and expedite the establishment of other PSC locations.

In September of 2012 the Prime Minister attended the opening presentation for the Government Public Service Center in Simpson Bay where she stated that Government has gone through a long road in order to decentralize some of the services made available by Government; "with decentralize I mean to take services closer to the public in general and in this case to take some of Governments vital services over the hill as we like to call it. It has taken a while and it has naturally taken a lot of work and cooperation but I think that finally we are seeing it ready to start and to then move on into the other districts. For a long time the cry of the Cole Bay/ Simpson Bay districts has been for a service area in order for people to not have to travel to Town. We also know how it is where some of the queues and lines are concerned and so I am truly exited about this particular start of the public service centers which is part of giving more services as part of one location," commented the Prime Minister.