Course on investigating immoral (sex) offences given.

On Monday January 14th Police Chief Peter De Witte officially opened a course on optimizing the investigation process in regard to sex-offences. This course was provided by a forensic specialist/expert from the Nederlandse Forensische Instituut (Forensic Institute of the Netherlands) in collaboration with forensic advisors and investigators from the Netherlands. Several topics regarding to this type of investigation such as injury investigation, photographing the injuries, the use of forensic light sources and DNA investigations were discussed.


The objective of this course is meant for technical and tactical investigators, public prosecutor, and medical doctors who all form part of the forensic framework in properly collecting forensic evidence and treatment and care of the victim.

The instructors of this course were Peter Huisman, Doris Eerhart, Bernice Grotebevelborg en Martin Oosting.

The participants of this course were: J. Muller-Rijna, E. Levenstone, M. Atmopawiro and T. Constance (Forensic Department), I van Ter Beek, L. Piper-Cristian, L. Wiel-Williams, L. Lewis (Juvenile Department), Dr. M. Mercuur, Dr. R. Douglas, Dr. Spencer, Dr. Ofrenga (Medical doctors), G. van de Wulp and L. Hodge-Sprok (Public Procesutors Office), O.G.A. De kort en S.G. Ras (investigators from Aruba), A. Leonard, D. Chandler and S. Carty (Community Police Officers) Sh. Gijsbertha, D. Muller and I. Hassel (Tactical investigators).

On Friday January 18th the course ended and all candidates received their certificates for their participation.