Copy of Economic Outlook presented to Minister Pantophlet and is available on Government Website

PHOTO CUTLINE: L to R, Jude Houston, Statician, Department EVT, Lucy Richardson, Department Head of EVT, Minister Hon. Romeo Pantophlet, and Erika Radjouki, Senior Policy Advisor Department of EVT.



The Department of Economic Affairs, Transportation & Telecommunication (EVT) has released its annual Economic Outlook for 2012-2013. A copy of the report was recently presented to Minister of Tourism and Economic Affairs, Transportation & Telecommunications Hon. Romeo Pantophlet.

The purpose of this publication is to provide a comprehensive review of the economy annually that will be beneficial to local businesses and potential investors.

The publication is accessible via As a special feature of the online copy, all websites ( www……..) in the online book received a link. There are links in the Table of Contents. In order to access a link, a simple click from a chapter in the Table of Contents to the page of the chapter.

The public may send their comments or questions to the department via the below email address in**@si*************************.org

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To be added to the mailing list, please send your information to Va************@si************.org

Hard copies are available at the Government Document and Management department, the Public Library and the department.

The analysis and projections contained in this Economic Outlook are an integral part of the responsibilities of the department of Economic Affairs, Transportation & Telecommunication.

In keeping with our responsibilities, within the next six weeks the department will be publishing its first annual Investment Guide 2013 and the 2012 Year End Report.

Additional publications will follow in the coming months. The public will be notified when and how they may access these publications.

The department extends its thanks to all its contributors, especially its private and public sector stakeholders that have taken the time to provide information and feedback.