Carnival 2013 season passes registration opens February 2

~ Averages out to $17 per show ~

Season passes for Carnival 2013 will go on sale as of February 2, 2013 for US $170. Sponsored by UTS/Chippie, the St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) over the weekend finalized details surrounding the passes which have developed into "must haves" for Carnival lovers.

The season pass allows the purchaser entrance to all shows in carnival Village for the 2013 Carnival season. With 10 show nights on the schedule this year and the passes priced at US $170, holders of the pass will actually only be paying US $17 a show for Carnival.


"The idea has also been to offer the public a cost saving measure for Carnival and generate early buzz and pre-sales for the shows," SCDF President Mike Granger said. "Last year the passes were priced at US $140, but this year we have a longer schedule with two additional international show nights. So basically, you will be getting two additional shows for just $30. You can’t beat that deal," Granger said.

The SCDF has also afforded the possibility for residents to pay for the season pass in two installments, with 50 percent due on registering for the pass. The balance would be due on or before April 1, 2013. Persons abroad who wish to register for a season pass can do so by emailing sx*********@ho*****.com for details.

A subsequent announcement will be made as to where persons have to go to register for the pass as of February 2 along with requirements. In the meantime, a registration form can be emailed to all interested persons once a request is sent to the email listed above. Registration closes April 1.

"The season passes have been a big hit for us the last two years. People started asking about them since December. We are happy to offer this mode of convenience again for Carnival 2013," Granger said.