Working conference ‘Child abuse’: “doing nothing is not an option”

The working group ‘Child abuse’: "doing nothing is not an option" on St. Eustatius organizes on Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday January 23rd, a second working conference on this topic at the Mike van Putten Youth Centre. This combined with a training for professionals on how to identify child abuse and how to discuss it with parents.


In the approach, the Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) is central, which mainly responds to how, as a parent, you can provide your child with a environment, in which it can develop itself in a positive way into a self-conscious and responsible human being.

Representatives of various agencies involved in the Youth on Statia participate in this working group. These are representatives from primary and secondary schools, the welfare department, the Expertise Centre St. Eustatius, the Police, the Guardianship Council, the Public Health Service and the Center for Youth and Families.

In recent months, the working group has worked hard, among others, on a proposal for a structured approach to child abuse on Statia, which they will present at the conference. Invited to the conference are all organizations who work with – and feel involved with – the youth.

The conference on June 14th last year was a great success. Representatives of all organizations and everybody expressed that the subject is of great importance. During the conference this has led to the creation of the current existing working group.

By organizing this second conference, the working group is expecting to continue the next step in the process. By asking the authorities concerned on Statia to officially commit to the proposed approach. There will also be an awareness campaign aimed at the community and therefore all parents and caregivers on the island.