Prime Minister Congratulates PJD2- Voice of St. Maarten on 40th Anniversary


For forty years, PJD2 has remained a St. Maarten institution"

The Prime Minister of St. Maarten the Honorable Sarah Wescot-Williams congratulated PJD2 Radio, the Voice of St. Maarten on its fortieth anniversary in providing news, information and entertainment to the community of St. Maarten on Wednesday. "I would like to sincerely congratulate PJD2 for their achievement in providing a radio station which has become a staple in the community. I would like to congratulate them on providing news, information and entertainment to generations of St. Maarteners and hopefully for generations of St. Maarteners to come," commented the Prime Minister.


In 1973, what is now known as PJD2, the Voice of St. Maarten, was officially established under the management of the late Mr. Vance James Jr. Previously the radio station was owned by Marius de Pree and subsequently by Mr. Chester Wathey. During the 1960’s PJD2 radio was known as the Voice of Hope with well-known preacher Robert Mayer airing religious programming on the station.

On January 1st 1973 Mr. Leonard Stein and associates opened the "New 2" PJD2, Voice of St. Maarten, turning the radio station into a commercial venture. "Since the first of January 1973, so for forty years, PJD2 has remained a St. Maarten institution and let us hope that for at least another forty years they can provide the citizens of this country the information they need to stay informed about what is happening locally and globally. Once again congratulations on being the Voice of St. Maarten," concluded the Prime Minister