UP PRESS STATEMENT MP Johan Leonard on Environmental Fund


I commend the St. Maarten Hospitality & Trade Association (SHTA) for taking the initiative to establish an Environmental Defence Fund. I also take this opportunity as a promoter for the environment to commend all other environmental organizations and groups for their good efforts towards our community.

The SHTA intends to use to use the funds that they receive from our community to generate funds for legal action against the degradation of the natural, cultural and social environment on Sint Maarten.

I am calling on the people of this great country as well as the business community to contribute on a monthly basis to this fund so that the SHTA can use these funds in a wise manner for various environmental projects. I will be making a personal contribution to the fund and I call on all my colleague parliamentarians to do the same.

The bank account at the Scotiabank is as follows: SHTA 1015922.

Every Sint Maartener has a stake in our environment and the preservation of such. Every little measure taken to treat our environment better will lead to a better society.

Sustainable development is necessary at this point in time and everybody has a role to play.

I have made considerable progress with drafting a law to ban disposable plastic bags. They are a severe threat to our community especially our marine environment. I will be presenting this piece of legislation within short.

Johan "Janchie" Leonard

Member of Parliament, United People’s (UP) Party