Cupecoy case



On January 22nd 2013 the three suspects in the so called Cupecoy case concerning the violent deaths of Michael and Thelma King will have to appear in court for a so called procedural court session. The case itself will not be dealt with during this session.

During the hearing both defense and prosecutor will be allowed to ask the judge for additional investigations on their behalf.

The prosecutor’s office has asked for psychiatric and psychological reports on each suspect but these will not be completed on January 22nd .

Most likely the case will be postponed until March or later, depending on how many requests for additional investigation will be granted. The judge will decide on that.

On Thursday, January 17th at 11 AM, the first suspect in the case, M.J, will have to appear in court for the first time. There the case will be postponed until January 22nd 2013 when the above mentioned procedural court session will be held.

As soon as the date of the definite hearing in this case has been set and the case itself will be dealt with, this office will inform you by e-mail.

Mr. Taco Stein, Solicitor-General, will act as spokesman on behalf of the Public Prosecution Service when and if needed.

He can be reached at +1-721-5873710.