UP PRESS STATEMENT UP Calls Two Urgent Central Committee Meets withMinisters Pantophlet and Duncan


The United People’s (UP) Faction in Parliament has requested two urgent Central Committee meetings of Parliament via the President.

The UP has requested that the Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunications Romeo Pantophlet be called to Parliament to provide information with respect to Census 2011 that was carried out nearly two years ago.


The urgency for the request is for the Minister to provide information to Parliament regarding problems or issues leading to the delay in releasing information compiled in the Census 2011 exercise.

The UP Faction via the President of Parliament has also urgently requested the Minister of Justice Roland Duncan to come to the House of Parliament to discuss three issues:

1. The exclusion of Sint Maarten from the Border Management System;

2. Crime fighting initiatives for 2013, and receiving crime statistics for 2012;

3. Update regarding security and companies that provide security guard services in Sint Maarten.

The urgent meeting with the Minister of Justice is regarding problems or issues possibly compromising the safety and security of our country.

Drs. Hon. Gracita Arrindell

Member of Parliament (UP)