UP PRESS STATEMENT MP Arrindell Seeks Clarity on 11 Draft Laws


Request Update on Handling of Draft Laws

I have sent a letter to the President of Parliament Hon. Rodolphe Samuel with respect to pending draft laws that had reached a certain part of the process during my tenure as President of Parliament. Since the change in Parliament, more than seven months ago, we have not heard anything. The following letter was sent on January 11, 2013.


"On June 14, 2012, a Central Committee meeting of parliament was held with the Minister of Justice the Hon. Roland Duncan to discuss 11 draft laws pertinent to the new Civil Code.

During that meeting it was decided that prior to going over to a final handling of these draft laws in a subsequent Central Committee meeting, to be followed by a public meeting of Parliament. The reports of these hearings would be submitted to Parliament as well as to the Minister of Justice.

These reports can contain proposal(s) which may lead to possible amendment(s) to some or all of the draft laws by the Minister or Parliament.

The reports must contain a summary of the hearings, including the general opinion of Parliament as expressed during these hearings reference to these as discussed, in order for the Minister of Justice to be able to make the necessary amendments.

To date Parliament has not received any such report or reports pertaining to these hearings.

To be clear, the Central Committee meeting of June 14, 2012 has been adjourned.

I herewith express my concern regarding the delay in receiving these reports. This delay means that the final handling of the aforementioned draft laws is also on hold, with all consequences to our society thereof.

Please inform Parliament soonest the reason for the delay and when we can expect these reports. Please inform Parliament if the Minister of Justice received these reports.

I would appreciate also an update regarding all pending laws to be handled by Parliament."

Hon. Gracita Arrindell

Member of Parliament United People’s (UP) Party Parliamentary Faction