PSS Employee, Mrs. Carti, enters retirement after 35 combined years of service


 Mrs. Christali Carti is featured in the middle with a purple shirt, surrounded with the PSS family


On the 24th December 2012, Management and staff of PSS hosted a small celebration session at the post office for one of its staffers, Mrs. Christali Carti, who after dedicating a combined 35 years of her life to the islands Postal Administration of St. Maarten, went gracefully off into retirement. Customers at our Simpson bay branch will miss her warm and gentle service and so will the PSS family. Mrs. Carti was a dedicated and hardworking employee, and PSS found it only fitting and honored to give her, her well-deserved end of pension package from Postal Services St. Maarten N.V.

Management and staff say thank you Mrs. Christali Carti, for giving so much of your time and life to the postal administration, and it is now time for you to relax and enjoy your well deserved pension life.