PRESS STATEMENT MP Sylvia Meyers on Public Education Teachers andCoast Guard Personnel


UP to Query Non-payment of Increase for Teachers and COLA for Coast Guard Personnel

The UP faction will be sending a letter to the Minister of Education Silveria Jacobs with respect to the non-payment of an increase to public education teachers because of the lack of an evaluation system.

Apparently according to media reports, other school boards have settled this matter with their teachers.



The UP faction is of the opinion that this matter should have been settled in a timely manner with the teachers of public education, and we need clarity from the Minister why this was not done since it has been almost half a year.

The faction will also be seeking information with respect to the status of the vacation allowance and the remuneration of substitutes.

We have read that the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) payments for Coast Guard personnel are still pending. The Minister of Finance was vague when he provided information to the media that the hold-up was a technical issue.

We will be sending a letter to the Minister of Finance seeking further clarification when he expects to receive information from the Dutch Government with respect to this. We would like copies of correspondence in order to know the exact nature of the delay.

These men and women put their lives at risks every day in providing security for the country, and making sure that people are safe. The Governments involved should not be disrespecting Coast Guard personnel in such a manner, and we look forward to this being resolved as quick as possible.

If both Ministers do not respond in a reasonable time, they will be called to Parliament to provide answers.

Sylvia Meyers

Interim Faction Leader, Member of Parliament, United People’s (UP) party faction