PM Douglas lists positive developments for St. Kitts and Nevis at the start of 2013


St. Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas has listed the inauguration of the new governor general, the upcoming Nevis Island Administration elections and the standing in the international community as positive developments for the twin-island federation at the start of the new year 2013.


"Now that the frivolity is over and our friends and relatives are returning to points near and far, may God protect and guide our nation in 2013. And may we all, in the year ahead, remain focused on the advancement of our country, and the upliftment of each other. We begin 2013 on a very positive note," said Dr. Douglas during his radio programme "Ask the Prime Minister" on Tuesday.

He said: "Sir Edmund Lawrence was inaugurated as Governor-General of the Federation on January 2nd , and if there is anyone who has not yet seen or heard the inaugural address of Sir Edmund, I urge that they do so without delay. It is now readily available on the internet, and I am certain that once you actually see or hear his address, you’ll be very glad that you did.

I say this because the seriousness with which Sir Edmund intends to take his new responsibilities is made abundantly clear throughout the statement, as is the caliber of person who now fills the highest position in our land."

Prime Minister Douglas told listeners that the second positive development is the fact that the people of Nevis will go to the polls on January 22, to participate in the time-honoured tradition of choosing for themselves those whom they wish to formulate policies, and institute programmes, on their behalf.

"That is just about two weeks from today and we all look forward, I am sure, to our brothers and sisters in Nevis exercising their precious and all-important democratic rights in an atmosphere of peace and order," said Prime Minister Douglas.

He listed the standing and reputation internationally of the federation as the third beam of sunshine at the start of this New Year.

"After many years of sustained analysis, detailed planning, and visionary policy formulation and implementation, St. Kitts and Nevis has been officially designated a high-income country.This, as you know, is extremely rare for a country of our size, the other high-income of the world being France, Germany, the United States, Japan, and so on," said Dr. Douglas.

He reiterated that it should be clear to everyone that a country of 50,000 inhabitants, living on 100 square miles, does not end up being classified as "high income" either by luck or by accident.

"Instead, when one is as tiny as we are, this classification is overwhelming evidence of our country’s success – against great odds – at boosting investment levels, stimulating economic activity, and improving the business climate, all in order to enhance and expand the life chances, and the overall prospects, of the people of this blessed Federation – and all at a time when major economic powers, and several small nations as well, have seen their status plummet," Dr. Douglas said.

"At any rate, we have worked very hard, as a people. You were asked to make major sacrifices – for the good of our country – and this you did. As a result, we have achieved a great deal. We have placed ourselves amongst the best managed and regarded nations of the world – the only OECS nation, incidentally, to do so. And so we do, now, have a lot to be grateful for at the dawn of this New Year. This could not have been accomplished without your cooperation….without your willingness to always keep in mind what was best, at the end of the day, for our blessed nation. And so, again, I thank you. I must say that even as we, in the Government, have a keen sense of gratitude for our past accomplishments – like this new designation – our eyes are also already very much fixed on the future," said Prime Minister Douglas.