Elderly Research conducted by the Department of Social Development

The Minister of Public Health, Social Development & Labour, Cornelius De Weever has commissioned a research to look into the living situation and conditions of the elderly on St. Maarten and is asking all those persons that are part of the survey to cooperate with the interviewers that will be visiting their homes in the coming weeks.


This research aims to produce data and recommendations to help guide future preventative interventions for the elderly target group. It will focus on gathering and analysing information of the elderly about chronic illnesses, disability and risk factors. Policy and programs related to the elderly will be supported in the future by the results of the research.

The first part of the research, an overview of the health care services currently available to the elderly has already been carried out. Currently, the consultant is busy with the second part of the research in which indebt interviews will be held with the general public. Two different target groups will be interviewed in this phase of the research. The target group 60 + and those persons between ages of 50 to 59 that are part of the study. The first target group will provide information on the current situation of the elderly and the second target group will give an indication of problems that must be dealt with in the future for the elderly population.

This information is vital to improving the living situation and the present conditions of the elderly. Your cooperation with the interviewers that will be visiting the homes is highly appreciated.