Postal Services St. Maarten NV (PSS) recently wrapped up its CHRISTMAS PARCEL SPECIAL in December to the Nertherlands and experienced a very good turn out and results with parcels being delivered within as little as three (3) days after leaving St. Maarten, giving our loved ones in the Netherlands a very good and early nice Christmas treat. From feedback received many students and parents were happy that their loved ones received their special package so quick and complete, making their Christmas away from home thanks to PSS and its team. In return Mr. Richardson and his PSS team hereby thanks all the parents, students and persons that made use of our special program once more and entrusting your post office to deliver yet again. PSS Management will ensure this special becomes an annual event.

The PSS team worked hard to ensure that all the parcels were properly labelled, stored and secured at its facilities, and finally delivered. All the packages left the island as planned on the two (2) planned dates the 11 and 21 December 2012, for the Netherlands. Many students were pleasantly surprised to receive their boxes in literally days, after leaving the island. In the future PSS will be looking into not only continuing this services but also seeking to expand into other markets where arrangements can be made to ensure delivery is prompt and secured. PSS urges those few if any who are still awaiting their parcels to contact their local Dutch post office to arrange for their delivery to avoid the packages being sent back after a number of failed delivery attempts is made, back to St. Maarten.

Should anyone wish to enquire or get more information in general please feel free to contact our local Post Office at Tel.: +1 721 542 2289 ext. 100 or 127 or by e-mail: in**@ps***.com.

PSS and the team again says thank you to the community and we are working to better serve you, by brining the postal world to your doorsteps.