New book by Patricia Varlack


Patricia Varlack highlights various types of dysfunctional families in her new book called:


The Different Faces of a Dysfunctional Family


Need to understand the roots of issues in your life? Patricia intends to use this study of different dysfunctions experienced in different families in Bible times as a mirror for her readers to be able to recognize some issues that are similar to theirs. Patricia intends to help readers see that they are not alone nor abnormal. At the end of each chapter there is a summary of the study and at the end of the book there are simple steps given to help the readers overcome any issue in their lives.

According to Patricia there is no need to continue in a cycle of negative thoughts, emotions, actions, and results.

This is a thought provoking self-help book, which will captivate anyone’s attention with its interesting stories and self-help tools.

Patricia Varlack resides in the Dutch Caribbean where she is president of Greater Works Foundation, a foundation that promotes writing through, among others, organizing writers conferences. Patricia has published a quarterly Christian women magazine called Greater Things, and writes articles on numerous topics for local newspapers. Patricia is also the director of Instruction Center for the Wise, where she is a teacher, conference speaker, coach, and personal counselor.

In celebration of the launching of her website, Patricia is offering for a limited time only a FREE copy of her newly published book "The Different Faces of a Dysfunctional Family". Anyone interested in this offer can visit her website and download their free e-book. The book can also be purchased online as a Kindle e-book and as hard copy on For more information about "The Different Faces of a Dysfunctional Family" please call Patricia Varlack at 524-5405 or order your hard copy directly from her on her website