Health Fair on Statia and Saba in January


Stakeholders in health care will open the new year 2013 with a two days Health Fair on St. Eustatius and Saba on respectively January 7th ad 8th and January 10th and 11th . The St. Eustatius Health Fair will be held at the Mike van Putten Centre and on Saba at Child Focus and Sunny Valley Youth Centre. The theme of both fairs is "Balance your health" and is a joint venture between Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland (RCN), the Health Insurance Office (ZVK), St. Eustatius Foundation for Health Care and Saba Foundation for Health Care. Keynote speakers will be Commissioners of Health Care Nicolaas (Koos) Sneek of Statia and Bruce Zagers of Saba.


The objective of the St. Eustatius and Saba Health Fair is to create a greater awareness of how inhabitants can balance their health; bring awareness to the available health services on the islands; increase health awareness by providing health screenings, activities, materials, demonstrations and information; increase awareness of national and international health services and resources; motivate participants to make positive health behavior changes; provide immunizations for children and adults; teach self-care practices; learn more about the health resources/services available locally.


Participation is confirmed of a significant number of health care services including medical centers, Health Department (GGD), ZVK, ambulance services, Red Cross, Centre for Youth & Family, Expertise Centre, Dentist, physical therapist, medical manicurist, dermatologist, Gym, Women’s Desk, Modentes, HIV/AIDS Support Groups, BEST care Logistics, Student Associations of the Medical Schools, Youth Affairs, Sanitation Department, dietician. A series of health care professionals are invited to lecture on January 7th on Statia and on January 10th on Saba on important health topics such as general health, breast, cervical and prostate cancer, skin and heart disease. The events are open to the general public. Primary and secondary schools have been invited to organize field trips for the various classes in order for students to learn more about health care and the available services.

The Health Fair will take on the format of a tradeshow with stands where visitors can receive information and instruction from professionals about the various health care services available on their respective islands. The Fire Departments will also be on hand to provide instruction on how to keep the home safe from fire hazards. Local radio stations will broadcast live on location interviews with participants for the benefit of these persons at home or on the job. The Health Fair will open from 09.00 AM until 7.00 PM to accommodate the attendance of as many persons as possible.