First workday Heiko de Jong HOvJ

On the picture the new combination HOvJ De Jong, the separating HOvJ Joubert and Attorney General Dick Piar.


The transfer of the keys is the first day of Mr. Heiko Young as the Chief Public Prosecutor of Curaçao became a reality. The key transfer took place in a symbolic way during a staff meeting in Temple.Mr. De Jong is by Royal Decree (RD) on December 21, 2012 appointed Hoof Attorney of Curaçao. The appointment takes effect from today, January 2, 2013.Mr. De Jong (1963) held in recent years as a team leader, a leader in the flooring and acted since August 31, 2012 as Acting Chief Justice of Curacao. Mr. Gilbert "Gibi" Joubert comes after 30 years of service within the government to retire. He had over 10 years of Chief Justice.