Firefly Family starts fireworks sales


Firefly Family Fireworks will commence with the sale of fireworks today (Saturday, December 29) from 11:00am until 6:00pm. The sale of fireworks will continue until December 31 or until supplies last. This is the second consecutive year that the family run enterprise will be offering fireworks to the public after 10 years of unavailability on St. Maarten.

With emphasis on safety under their theme “Keep it in the Family, Keep it Safe”, Firefly will be offering a much wider variety of products as compared to last year when they sold out in a day. Michanou Arrundell, part of the family team, explained that over 40 products will be available for purchase at its one central point of sale, the open lot across of Shop 4 Less after you pass FATUM.
  Additionally, she stressed that the general public must understand that strict rules and guidelines will be followed when purchasing fireworks. Only persons 21 years of age and older will be allowed to purchase fireworks. She advised that everyone should still walk with valid identification since certain 20-something-year-olds might not exactly look it.
  Two sales booths will also be available, one for the sale of children oriented products and one regular sale booth. However, even to purchase children oriented products, the person must be 21 years of age or older. A child or teenagers cannot purchase products at the children’s sales booth.
   Arrundell reminded potential customers that they are expected to be safe and responsible with where and how they are lighting fireworks. As such, Firefly will include safety guidelines in the sales bags of every purchase. She also reminded the public that they are not allowed to light any firecrackers in the public roads and parents should not allow their children to handle fireworks without supervision. “We actually prefer if the parent handle the fireworks and the children watch and enjoy from a distance,” she said.
  Firefly has also partnered with FunMiles this year, affording customers the possibility to make purchases from 270 FunMiles, which is equivalent to US $3. The sale of fireworks is via cash or miles only, there is no Maestro (swipe ATM card) available.
  Lastly, customers are prohibited from lighting any fireworks in the vicinity of the sale booths. Neither are customers allowed to smoke or have any open flame in the vicinity of the booths.