Procedures COCI Handbook


Photo from left to right: Arthur Bute Chamber Board President, Claret Connor Chamber Executive Director, Ashanti Labega KPMG Audit Assistant, Ms Withney Murray KPMG Secretary and Ms Tamara Leonard Chamber Board Treasurer.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry has met another mile stone when it introduced its Operations Procedures Handbook to its staff last week.

The goal of the procedures handbook is to provide the detailed steps for key processes and supporting processes of the Chamber of Commerce. Each process is to promote accountability among the process owner, namely each Staff member, and guidance in performing their responsibilities in the most efficient and effective way.

This project started at in 2010 when an internal audit was performed by Management and Board to identify each process document and formalize them, the press release stated.

KPMG assisted in the development of the St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce and Industry Procedures Handbook. The handbook puts guidelines in place for the Chamber’s internal operations and quality of service to the public.

Chamber Executive Director Claret Conner explained that the handbook was put together after an internal operational audit with emphasis on service levels and financial management. "Now that we have guidelines our internal operations can be consistent and professional." The employees were an integral part of the audit providing information about how they worked.

"The Chamber is moving forward and can boast with this handbook, that we are working with defined standard and procedures and these procedures are supported are certified by a reputable firm "KPMG," Connor said.

 KPMG Audit Assistant Ashanti Labega said the audit found that the Chamber’s operations are "mostly up to par." The focus of the audit was more on "finding loopholes" if there were any and coming up with solutions for these to make the Chamber operations "more efficient and effective." 

The development of the handbook has been in the works for some time now.  Chamber President Arturo Bute said the procedures will enable the board, management and staff to work from a set position.  "New board members for the first time will have a guide to follow about how the Chamber works. Staff will have a manual to speed up their work and become more efficient," Bute said.

Chamber board Treasurer Ms Tamara Leonard said now that the Chamber will be able to evaluate its work and operations starting from the board and management to staff. "Bettering the Chamber’s operations is essential for the servicing of its registered the businesses, large and small – that are the backbone of our economy."