Post Dutch Caribbean


Given the importance of ensuring the continuity of the postal facility in the Dutch Caribbean, the Minister of Economic Affairs, Henk Kamp, decided to prolong the postal concession of the New Post Netherlands Antilles (in Dutch: Nieuwe Post Nederlandse Antillen (NPNA) until December 31st 2013. This means that NPNA is required to ensure the implementation of the assigned services contained in the concession. These include the transport of letters not exceeding 2000 grams, placing letterboxes and mailboxes and issue postage stamps.

In addition, the Ministry initiated the formal procedure to award the postal concession to a new party. The NPNA may also apply for this concession. The new concessionaire will take over the designated postal services of the current concessionaire not later than January 1st 2014.


Position NPNA current employees on the islands
Since the postal concession of the Dutch Caribbean has been extended by one year, the Ministry considers that this has no effect on the current staff of NPNA in the Dutch Caribbean. This is however the responsibility of the NPNA and not of the Ministry.

Not later than December 31st 2013, the postal concession will be awarded again. This may mean that the postal concession goes to a new party. In that case, it is the responsibility of the NPNA and the new concessionaire to make agreements regarding the position of the current postal staff. The Ministry considers it important that a good solution is found and it will facilitate, where necessary, between the parties, without taking over the responsibility for the status of the current staff. This is and will remain a responsibility of the NPNA.