Member of Parliament George Pantophlet Says We can do it

We are closing in on that special day December 25, when the time of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is going to be celebrated by many. I say many because the truth is told not everyone will see it as a time of celebration.


There are many who have lost a loved one, there are many who are ill there are many who are unemployed, there are many who are facing all sorts of challenges and the list goes on. Many or most of you will agree with me that 2012 has been an extremely difficult year in all aspects of our society. I will not go into the details thereof but will suffice by saying that we can’t change the past. But we can influence our present. We can do it. I have called for and probably might have to organize it and that is a meeting with all stakeholders to see how we can deal with our present social and economical situation. We can do it. We can truly build a strong St. Maarten if we understand that everyone has to contribute to its development. Government is responsible for managing the affairs of the people but cannot do it alone. I had a discussion with a tourist from Canada. We were talking about the issue of national health care where it is said that Canada has the best system. He said to me some people who can afford it complain because they have to pay more for others to benefit. And then he said something very interesting, the strong should help the weak. And let me add this, we are our brother’s keeper. We have to help each other. There is more that can be said but it will be at the expense of being repetitive. I believe we know what has to be done. I want to take this opportunity to on behalf of my family and myself wish everyone a Merry Christmas as we remember the true meaning of that day and as we prepare for 2013 a healthy and prosperous New Year. We can do it.