Changes To Take Place In Package Of Health Insurance 2013

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport annually evaluates the health care package for insured persons in the Dutch Caribbean. The Minister determines the new package on the basis of this evaluation. Both in the Netherlands and the Dutch Caribbean there will be budget cuts in many areas. This also applies to the care package in the Dutch Caribbean. Therefore, there will be a number of changes in the claims, which will no longer be compensated by the Health Insurance office (Zorgverzekeringskantoor).


What will change on January 1st 2013?

· The non-recurring sanitation in oral care for insured persons aged 18 and older will no longer be compensated.

· The orthodontics for insured persons aged 18 and younger will no longer be compensated.

· On the list of diseases for which physical therapy and remedial therapy is compensated, he first 20 treatments per indication for an insured person aged 18 or older will no longer be compensated in cases of physiotherapy and remedial therapy.

· A number of diseases will be deleted from the list of diseases for which physiotherapeutic treatment and remedial therapy is compensated.

· A number of resources will no longer be compensated, including crutches, walking frames with three and four legs, walkers and rollators and serving trolleys.

· The primary psychological care in cases of work and relationship issues will no longer be compensated.

· The number of hours in dietary advice is reduced from 4 to 3.

· There are also a number of changes in the field of specialist medical care regarding treatments related to fertility (IVF).

The exact changes in the health care package will soon be announced through advertisements.

Transitional arrangements

The Minister realizes that the measures can be experienced as quite radical. Minister Schippers has therefore chosen for a careful introduction. There will be a transitional arrangement, so that citizens and caregivers in Dutch Caribbean (just as is the case in the Netherlands) can have a period of six months to prepare for the changes. It has been decided that the essential care (care given by general practitioner, hospital and specialist) will be spared of these measures. The transitional arrangements will be announced in detail in the New Year.

Rising costs (amounts in Euro’s)

In 2011, the cost of care in the Dutch Caribbean was 60 million, of which 30 million was contributed by the islands themselves, whilst the Netherlands took care of the other 30 million. In 2012, health care costs will be about 80 million; the Netherlands takes up about 50 million thereof.