Moody’s Credit Rating Report Now Available on Government Website

Moody’s rating agency credit analysis of country Sint Maarten is now available on the Government website.

The credit analysis provides an in-depth discussion of credit rating(s) of the country and should be read in conjunction with Moody’s most recent Credit Opinion and rating information.
The document is considered an investor’s tool and a must have when considering and looking at investment options in the country.
The credit analysis can be found at; go to tab “Government,” scroll down to “Ministry of Finance” link, go to “Reports” and select the file “Moody’s Investor Services” to download the report. 
On November 5, 2012, Moody’s assigned a first time government bond rating of Baa1 to Sint Maarten.  The rating is supported by the country’s comparatively high economic development and moderate debt levels. 
The ratings are constrained by the untested nature of the country’s institutions although we expect nation-building support and fiscal oversight from the Netherlands to continue for several more years, the rating rationale points out in the report.