UP Press Release from MP Sylvia Meyers

United Peoples (UP) party interim faction leader Member of Parliament Hon. Sylvia Meyers is calling on the management of TEMPO Networks to release its financials for 2011 and 2010 to the people of Sint Maarten via the media in order to counter that it’s not a poor Caribbean company.


The people of Sint Maarten need transparency in this entire matter of TEMPO being given close to one million guilders by the Government and Government owned companies to celebrate seven years of the companies’ existence.

When the Minister of Finance R. Tuitt can tell the people of Sint Maarten, why can’t ‘a poor Caribbean company’ get advertising dollars, then let the so-called poor Caribbean company called TEMPO be transparent and present the people of Sint Maarten it’s revenues for 2011 and 2010. Let the people be the judge if this is a poor Caribbean company!

The newspaper reports Minister Tuitt saying: "Just because a poor Caribbean company gets Naf.700,000, oh the roof is on fire. It’s ridiculous." Let the tax payer decide if this is a waste of money and a ridiculous investment of tax money.

We want a complete financial picture of this so-called poor company which received close to one million guilders. Enlighten the people!

The Minister of Tourism R. Pantophlet earlier this week stated in the media to the people that his Ministry plans to partner with TEMPO on similar promotions in the future which mean again tax payer’s money will be thrown down the drain.

The local people did not turn out in large numbers to support seven days of TEMPO. Caribbean nationals within the Region did not jump on planes to come to the country in droves to support seven days of TEMPO. If they did, present the airport figures and hotel bookings to prove how successful TEMPO was for the tax payer.

What about the poor people of the country and the businesses that are suffering with challenges? Where is the promised relief for the poor people and poor businesses by the Government that says it’s for the people?

MP Sylvia Meyers

Interim Faction Leader UP Party

Thursday, December 13, 2012