Prime Minister attends VooC Bullying Panel Discussion

The Prime Minister of St. Maarten the Honorable Sarah Wescot-Williams encouraged the attendants at the Voice of Our Children Panel Discussion against bullying, and children living on St. Maarten, to unite against bullying and the consequences it has on St. Maarten Society. The Prime Minister stated that she commended the Voice of Our Children Foundation for putting and keeping the topic of bullying on the National Agenda and for bringing awareness on the issue. "This session is just part of that effort, bringing the topic of bullying this morning to where it should be; into our schools. Bullying is a matter that left unchecked will have a serious detrimental impact not only on those bullying and being bullied, but on our society as a whole," commented the Prime Minister.


The Prime Minister stated that much as been said and researched of the effects bullying has both on those doing the bullying and those being bullied, and unless the issue addressed from a national perspective there will be various negative consequences for the community. "For a long time parents used to encourage reciprocal violence when their children are bullied, but this never solves the issue, with the violence just being perpetuated and not recognizing what is really happening. We need to break this cycle and prevent the action from ever taking place," continued the PM.

The Voice of Our Children event featured speakers from various sectors of society, including Daily Herald Journalist Alita Sing and Educator Oldine Bryson-Pantophlet. The event featured some two hundred school children from all of the high schools.