Minister Jacobs plants Sage Tree at Leonard Connor School

Minister of Education, Culture, Youth Affairs and Sports Hon. Silveria Jacobs last week Friday was at the Leonard Connor Primary School in Cay Bay to help yellow sage trees.


It is an annual initiative of the Rotary Sunrise Chapter to bring about cultural awareness in the school on the island. Rotary Sunrise representative J. Peterson was on hand to assist with the planting of the trees.

Five trees were planted, three at the Cycle 2 playground and two at the Cycle 1 playground. Cycle 2 teacher Shirley Pompier and Cycle 1 teacher Rusina De Lain along with students will be responsible for the care and maintenance of the trees.

The teachers will also use the care and maintenance program to educate the children on the importance of taking care of the environment and the cultural aspects of the tree.