Prime Minister at End of Hurricane Season:

We should all be Grateful and Give Thanks at the passing of Another Quiet Hurricane Season.

The Prime Minister of St. Maarten, the Honorable Sarah Wescot-Williams, in her capacity as Minister in Charge of Disaster Management, stated that the community should be grateful at the passing of another uneventful Hurricane Season.


The Prime Minister commented that despite the island being spared a direct hit by a hurricane, the population should remain vigilant and not be complacent for the season’s to come. "We should be very grateful and give thanks for the passing of an uneventful and quite Hurricane Season. Many of us know what it means to have a major hurricane hit us directly, and again this year we have been spared a major storm hitting us. However we should not become complacent, we should remain vigilant and prepared for the next hurricane season as preparedness is key," commented the Prime Minister.

The PM also commended the Office of Disaster Management for the preparatory work and the excellent coordination which the office has done this year. The Prime Minister also encouraged the community to come out and celebrate the passing of a quiet Hurricane Season at the annual Thanksgiving service to be held at the Clem Labega Square on Sunday at four. "We should all join in and give thanks for being spared a direct hit. I encourage the community in general to come out and attend the Thanks Giving Service this Sunday," concluded the Prime Minister.

November 30 marks the end of the 2012 Atlantic Hurricane season, one that produced 19 named storms, of which 10 became hurricanes and one became a major hurricane. The number of named storms is well above the average of 12. The number of hurricanes is also above the average of six, but the number of major hurricanes is below the average of three.

Based on the combined number, intensity, and duration of all tropical storms and hurricanes, The American National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration classified the season as above normal.