MP Dr. Ruth Douglass – Current Coalition

MP Dr. Ruth Douglass is questioning the strength of current Coalitions structure and its commitment to stay in lockstep as a united group

As I stand before you as a representative of the People with concerns. I therefore will pose these questions that have been bothering me for some time now.


How strong is the structure of the current Coalition when it is built on the loyalty and trustworthiness of a minority group of independent members? Are these members holding the NA led Government hostage to maintain power?

1) Are these members not the same members who declared themselves Independent from their respective parties? As many of us are independent minded Members of Parliament we are here representing the people that we took an oath to represent. Self-interest and special interest groups should not be persuading any of the MPs to do things that create chaos on our newly formed Country. The things that come to mind are the trust worthiness of some Members word. Are you trust worthy when you gave your word to be part of your a party and run on the parties ticket and were elected with the help of campaign funding of the party and then changed midstream of the first elected Parliament and leave your parties vulnerable to manipulations? We are not parties of Ideology, the parties have similar platforms. No conservative or Liberal ideologies, Socialist verses Capitalist philosophies. One may be more pro-business than the other but as we can see not much has changed in the way of projects being implemented since the change in the Cabinet of Ministers, and a new chairman of Parliament was place in the chairman seat…

2) The Older people had a saying; "Show me your company and I will tell you who you are." I’m not here to throw stones, as we all live in glass houses. The Almighty always knows our hearts, our intentions and our convictions. I often hear people ask is the "Tail wagging the Dog" in this new Government? My answer to them is, "if it quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck then it is not anything other than a duck. " A Representative of the people should put the interest of the people they are serving, first, as I have sat in Parliament for 2 years. I have spent most my time studying and Analyzing. This is how I have done things as a Medical doctor for a great number of my adult years. When a patient comes to me with a problem, I take the necessary time to understand what is happening to them. This is always my approach. I listen first before making decisions. "YOU LEARN MORE FROM LISTENING THAN YOU DO TALKING." If I pull out my medical-pad and prescribe medication I need to be sure it does not hurt my patient. As I have the opportunity to serve all of St. Maarten not just my patients, in this Parliament, I take my responsibilities equally seriously. Which brings me to my question……? Are we to continue to sit back, watching and accepting while others do the things we believe will hurt our people of St. Maarten? Or should we Stand UP and speak on subject that should be of concern to all. The sand on the ring road behind the zoo is still sitting there as a health nuisance to the community that live nearby.

I seriously question; isn’t, this what St. Maarten Parliament should be focusing on at this time? As we have many other important problems that need our attention. Let us insist that the sand be remove and place where it is not hampering the breathing of our residents.

This UP faction will continue to Question the actions and the motives of those we deem to have the interest of special interest groups at heart, instead of the interest of the People of St. Maarten.

Thank you for your attention; I remain your humble servant.

MP Dr Ruth Douglass, member of the UP party

Tuesday, September 27, 2012