PJIAE signs contract for airport runway rehabilitation project

Works expected to be completed in October 2013

The contract for the rehabilitation of the runway at Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIA) in the amount US$16, 637, 215.11, was signed on Tuesday, November 20, 2012, between PJIA’s Operating Company NV (PJIAE) and the joint venture, Janssen de Jong Caribbean BV/NV Arubaanse Wegenbouw Maatschappij/Windward Roads BV.


Managing Director Regina LaBega signed on behalf of PJIAE, while Janhendrik Boekaar signed on behalf of the contractor.

"The rehabilitation project will start by the end of November with the actual physical runway works getting under way by mid-March 2013," said Mirto Breell, PJIAE’s Technical Director. The project is scheduled to be completed in October 2013.

All works on the runway will take place at night between 10 PM and 6 AM when there are no aircraft operations and the airport is normally closed, hence there will be no effect on flight operations.

"The entire length of the 2,300 meter (7,545ft) airport runway will be replaced with a fresh layer of asphalt and an asphalt overlay will be applied to correct the longitudinal profile of the runway, serving to significantly improve the structural integrity of the pavement construction," said Breell. Windward Roads BV last resurfaced the runway in 1997.

"The project also includes the implementation of the required Runway End Safety Area (RESA) to the west," Breell explained.

"The runway threshold will be shifted 70 meters to the east to accommodate the RESA. The rehabilitation of the runway is urgently required due to the deterioration of the asphalt surface after 15 years of use. It is customary to have a major resurfacing of the runway done every 15-20 years depending on the circumstances," added Breell.

If the runway is not regularly resurfaced it can become a potential safety issue as the integrity of the pavement surface breaks down.

The taxiway will be modified to allow larger commercial aircraft to have better access to the ramps and shorten the backtracking on the runway prior to take off.

The existing airfield ground lighting will be replaced with the more economical LED lights. Furthermore, an entirely new remote system will be installed in the control tower.

"The rehabilitation project also includes the construction of a helipad for helicopters at the southeasterly end of the runway," said Breell.

In preparation for this runway rehabilitation, a topographical survey, a pavement investigation with core drilling and subsoil testing among other stringent internationally required studies were carried out.

A project manager from the Netherlands Airport Consultants BV (NACO), Rob Noorman, has been contracted to supervise the project.