Prime Minister, Minister of Health and Social Affairs get Update on INDP

Midterm Report and Evaluation Given at Prime Minister’s Cabinet

The Prime Minister of St. Maarten the Honorable Sarah Wescot-Williams and the Minister of Health, Social Affairs and Labor the Honorable Cornelius De Weever received an update on the progress of the Integrated Neighborhood Development Plan at the Prime Minister’s Cabinet on Monday. A mid-term evaluation of the project in general was also conducted.


The Integrated Neighborhood Development Plan includes information and governments approach regarding issues related to the social makeup of the various districts and communities on St. Maarten. Previous studies as part of the INDP included information on the general population description in the various districts; the population makeup in terms of birthplace in the various districts; the gender and age bracket of citizens living in the districts based on extensive interviews which were carried out to gain information which formed the basis of the Report; the religious makeup of those living in the various districts; education level; the differences between the neighborhoods based on income level; unemployment level in the different districts; access to medical insurance; housing; the availability of services; and parenting.

The Prime Minister has previously discussed the various approaches her Government will take regarding how to address some of the social issues the INDP hopes to address. Previous discussions were also held on how foundations that are established to address social ills such as Community Centers should become financially self-sustainable and the possible funding opportunities that may become available through the newly established St. Maarten Development Fund, the official signing of its establishment the Prime Minister oversaw on June 7th of this year. Information campaigns on the Integrated Neighborhood Development Program will be conducted in the various districts in the future.