Strong PwC Dutch Caribbean team

From October 1, 2012 Edsel Lopez has been appointed Territory Leader of the Dutch Caribbean Region for PwC. What is his vision on what customers want these days, what is his focus as new leader and what makes him proud of PwC.


What are your customers looking for today?

‘We live in very interesting times. With so many changes happening in current society, companies look for steady partnerships to meet their challenges. Our financial experts and consultants offer companies the solid certainty that makes the difference between just surviving and outperforming your competitors. Thanks to our longstanding experience and extended network at home and abroad, we always find the proper solution.‘

What is your focus as new leader for PwC in the region?

‘My focus is on increasing quality and customer satisfaction. Therefore I will continue to invest in the quality of our staff. Our knowledge, service and communication should exceed customers’ expectations. I want everybody in PwC go that extra mile for the customer.

Personally I will give serious attention to cross island cooperation. Many of our customers work on more than one island, the islands face many similar challenges and we have a common purpose to be a stable and reliable economic factor in the Caribbean. Imagine that our region in the Caribbean becomes the gateway to Latin America, while still maintaining our strong ties with the Netherlands. Synergy comes first to me, teamwork is everyday business.’

What makes you proud of PwC ?

Working so many years for the company, every single day I go to the office with a smile. Why? Because I like it and my role is to inspire. If can get that smile on the face of my employees, they can turn on the smile on the face of our customers. By doing so we have achieved many things. Over the years our expertise in Tax matters is unquestioned, our Audit and Business Accounting Services serve all sectors and our Consultancy branch is increasingly a respected partner in business.