Postal Services St. Maarten NV is proud to introduce to the St. Maarten community its very own MRD team, which will focus on Marketing, Research & Development for our post office. They will be known by their Purple shirts and PSS is proud to have them go out essentially into the business community to promote the services of the posts and also discuss new products and ways how to better serve one and all. This team will also be open to the public to approach, while they are out on the road, to present some of the challenges or issues the public may have.


The MRD team will consist of actual employees from the post office and who together have a wide range of knowledge about the operations. The parties making up the MRD Team are of Mr. Rutherford Reed, Ms. Merlena Proctor and Mr. Emmanuel Lo Black (who is missing from the picture). PSS hopes together with this team and initiative to get feedback on how to improve on the current level of service but also to introduce new services and products that will benefit you the business community and general public even greater.

The MRD individuals will be known by their purple color shirts, and will be approaching a number of business establishments on the island to promote the current services of the post office, while also taking feedback and suggestions on possible new services and products. The aim behind this whole initiative of PSS is to bring the postal world closer to your doorsteps and seek to continually improve the service offered. As such PSS asks the business establishments to openly welcome and accommodate our MRD Team members.

Postal Services St. Maarten NV (PSS) hereby thanks the community for its continued support and PSS management wishes all a safe and joyful season and 2013. There is a lot of work to be done and PSS is continually working on ensuring together with its team being your only local Post Office that we serve and serve you the community as is expected.

For more information please contact your local post office at Tel. 542-2289 or 545 3782 or by e-mail: in**@ps***.com.