Police officers injured during control/ suspect arrested

During a general control carried out by police on Friday November 16TH one female police officer was hit and injured by a vehicle. The general control was taking place at approximately 08.30 p.m. at the crossing of Gladiola road and L.B. Scot road at the Jose Lake Sr. Ballpark.


A female officer had given the driver of a private vehicle with license plate 320 ZBB 971 a stop sign and instructed him to enter the parking lot of the ball park to be controlled. Instead cooperating with officer and following the orders she had given him the driver increased his speed and drove the car towards the officer. The officer jumped aside to avoid being hit by the vehicle however she was struck on her lower part of her right arm by the outer rearview mirror. The driver did not stop and continued fleeing from the scene. A police patrol and K-9 patrol chased the suspect vehicle through the neighborhood. At some point the suspect jumped out of the still moving vehicle and took off running. After a short search the police K-9 the suspect was located hiding in the thick bushes in the Betty’s Estate area. The police dog was sent in and the suspect was taken out of the bushes. The suspect however continued to resist against the arresting officers. The suspect however was over powered by the officers and taken to the Philipsburg Police Station. At the police station the suspect with initials R.L. (36) from Guyana was treated by paramedics for the injuries he had suffered while resisting his arrest. The female officer was taken to the Sint Maarten Medical Center for treatment where she later learnt that she had suffered a fracture to her right lower arm. The vehicle in question was confiscated and the suspect remains in custody for further investigation.