Police launches 2012 Holiday season project

The Police department has launched its 2012 Holiday Season Project on November 15th. This project is called "Operation Vigilance 2012" which will continue for some time into the 2013 and which like the previous years will definitively be focusing on SAFETY.


The cruise season has started, the mega yachts are arriving and more flights are landing on Sint Maarten. This holiday season promises to be a very busy one and it will be another major challenge for the police department in combating criminality. There will be many shoppers on the island and also those who are there involved in criminal activity. The police management and the Community Police Officers have kept meetings with other departments such as Immigration and Naturalization Department, Customs, V.K.S., Fire Department, Control Unit, Ambulance Department, VROMI and other stakeholders such as Indian Merchant Association, Chinese Ass., the Taxi’s and Bus drivers associations, to discuss issues such as crime, public order and safety. The police department will be assisted by the V.K.S, Control Unit, and Customs for the increase in manpower. There will be an increased police patrols on foot, on bicycle and in cars in Philipsburg and surrounding areas, Simpsonbay, Maho Reef, Low Land and surrounding areas and also other areas where tourist frequently visit. There will also be an increase in police patrols in residential areas during the day and at night. There will be road and street closures, traffic diversions and other traffic measures taken, depending on how busy these areas become. The goals of this project are to reduce the amount of armed robberies, chain snatchings, business and home break-ins. Increase controls in and around hotel and restaurants etc. There will be many traffic controls. All drivers should carry their valid driver’s license at all time with them and should have all documents for their vehicle in order. Everyone should walk with proper identification to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.